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Intravenous unconscious sedation

In our clinic we count on the cooperation of an anaesthesiologist for those patients who need more sedation than that of inhalation, during which the patient remains calm, tranquil and occasionally drowsy. This sedation is obtained by intravenous inoculation of hypnotic, sleep inducing medication. The patient is monitored constantly (pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate) by the anaesthesiologist while the dentist works. After the intervention the patient normally has no memories of the dental procedure and in this way the frustration or dislike/discomfort of going to the dentist can be avoided.

>Dental Clinic Joaquín Mª Ferrer Gallegos - 41 Pedro Antonio de Alarcón St. , Postal Code 18004 - Granada - Tel: 958 520 496 - Monday to Friday, 16:00 - 20:30h.
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