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Servicio de biopsia oral (de la boca) en Granada

Although the treatment of caries and periodontal disease is very important, it is no less the early diagnosis of oral soft tissue lesions. The early diagnosis of precancerous or cancerous lesions, although less frequent than caries and periodontitis, is more important because they are life-threatening lesions.

Early diagnosis and detection of lesions in their early stages, together with appropriate treatment make the long-term prognosis of the disease improve considerably.

In addition, there are lesions that, without being cancerous, do have the power to malignize at some time during their evolution, such as lichen planus, traumatic ulcers due to prostheses, leukoplasias, blue nevus, etc. Treated or diagnosed in time, the prognosis improves for both the injury and the patient.

In our clinic we have an examination service and pathological analysis of oral soft tissues, that is:

  • Gum sticking (the one next to the stick pink teeth).
  • Gum free (it is a little further and is red).
  • Carrillos (internal face).
  • Mouth.
  • Tongue.
  • Hard palate.
  • Soft palate.
  • Retromolar zones.
  • Alba line.
  • Minor salivary glands.
  • Minor cysts in soft tissues.
On some occasions the lesions found will be treated in the clinic itself and if this is not possible it will be the patient referred to the most appropriate Medical Specialist, usually to the Maxillofacial Surgery Service or the Dermatology Service.


Local anesthesia is placed in the area to be addressed, intralesional or perilesional (around), a small fragment of the lesion or the entire lesion is removed (depending on complexity, size and anatomical region). The sample is packaged in specific liquid and, together with a clinical report, is sent to the Pathology Laboratory.

In approximately 10 days we obtain the results, which are delivered in an envelope to the patient, prior verbal report and relevant explanation.
This procedure will require the signature and express understanding of the informed consent of the patient or legal guardian.

If you have any questions, please call us or make an appointment and we will be happy to explain how much you need.

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